Buddhists pray a lot (because it works - a lot). All our prayer sessions are free of charge, are open to all, and are held at the Centre. If you wish to come along we have listed all the main prayer sessions throughout the month or two. It's always a good Idea to ring and check for changes to the planned schedule - or just to call for more details. There is more than what's here but this should keep you busy for now! Prayers are normally between 45 minutes, and 1 hour and thirty minutes.


Sunday 02

8.30AM - Liberation from Sorrow

7:30PM - Prayers for World Peace

Monday 10

7.30PM - Offering to the Spiritual Guide

Sunday 16

7:30PM - Prayers for World Peace

Friday 21

6.30PM - POWA Ceremony (Compassionate prayers for the deceased)

Sunday 23

7:30PM - Prayers for World Peace

Tuesday 25

2.30PM - Offering to the Spiritual Guide

Saturday 29

9.30AM - Melodious Drum victorious in all directions (3 hours+ and very beautiful)

Sunday 30

7.30PM - Prayers for World Peace

December - January

Monday 31 - Tuesday 01

24 hour Tara Chanting (Liberation from Sorrow) - come to any or all sessions and see the new year in with great meaning!:

7.00PM - Tara Chanting

11.00PM - Tara Chanting

3.00AM - Tara Chanting

7.00AM - Tara Chanting

11.00AM - Tara Chanting

3.00PM - Tara Chanting