We meditate sitting on chairs to ensure that everyone is comfortable. There is no physical exercise involved. The rooms are modern, well lit and in an established community building. After welcoming everyone, the meditation Teacher generally introduces the subject of the evening, and then guides a simple relaxation meditation. This usually involves focusing on the breath and letting all your worries and troubles slip away for a while.

Then the meditation Teacher will give a short talk on a Buddhist topic which is of practical benefit to our daily life. Following this, the Teacher will lead another guided meditation, this time focusing on the meaning of the talk. After this, there is an opportunity for a break (tea and biscuits) and a short informal discussion. Finally, there is a final opportunity to ask questions of the Teacher, and clarify any issues that have arisen during the discussion. After the class there is often the opportunity to talk with the Teacher, the assistant and other students directly.

People from all walks of life attend the classes - young and old, religious and non-religious. Some simply want to learn how to meditate, others want to find out more about Buddhism - the classes cater for both. The class lasts about two hours. Meditation classes are evening based and no pre-booking is required. You can find classes in local towns: Chester, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Newcastle, Mold and Wrexham. If you are not local click here. For international vistors to our website please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Wherever possible we choose venues which have disabled access. Please contact us for details.