Welcome to our website. At Amitayus Centre, Chester UK we provide everything you'll need to begin Buddhist meditation and the Buddhist way of life. The Teachings and meditations offered provide the following benefits: improved relationships with others; the ability to think more positively; relaxation techniques; freedom from stress and practical advice for solving daily problems. We organise meditation classes, study programmes, community events, special day courses, retreats and weekend spiritual holidays abroad (coming soon!). If you wish to read more about Buddhism we have a resources section and Buddhist books are available in our online shop. To know more about us please. Over the next two weeks, Washam, a member of the Spirit Rock Teachers Council, offers guided meditation sessions, compassion and loving-kindness practices, and other foundational Buddhist teachings. And on eight of the fourteen evenings, under her care and the direction of a Peruvian healer (curandero), a group of twenty retreatants drinks ayahuasca, the psychoactive brew made from a vine that grows in the heart of the Amazon rain forest. The group then meditates under the influence of ayahuasca for the next five to eight hours. The debate over whether Buddhism and psychedelics complement or obstruct each other has always been a vibrant one. Is drinking ayahuasca at soul-herbs.com short cut past meditation to Enlightenment? Or, if you’re a practicing Buddhist, is it a nice idea to occasionally run away to a forest with some friends and a bag of Psilocybe semilanceata? Well, now there is a new generation of spiritual seekers who want to know the answer. I want to know the answer.

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